Mads Jacobsen was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, USA. He always felt a special connection to music but it wasn't until he first picked up a guitar at age 11 at summer camp that he found his passion. He began writing songs around 13 years old and discovered a magical doorway to another realm. He knew then what he wanted to do with his life. He began busking, also known as street performing, at Seattles famous Pike Place Market at 14 and he was one of the youngest buskers there. There he learned how to entertain, move, and perform for audiences from all around the world. He was mentored there by the older buskers and developed a family amongst them while working different jobs. Pike Place was his home growing up. James Yung of A Moment in Time and Tommy Dean come to his mind. At 15 Mads went to Idyllwild Arts Academy and studied classical guitar for one year. He returned to Seattle a year after and began preforming in the main clubs and venues. At 17 he took main stage at the Moore Theater in More Music at the Moore and there began performing at theaters ran by Seattle Theater Group. He opened for Allan Stone at the Paramount Theater, shared the stage with Michael Shrive of Santana, was the first performer to play at the Neptune Theater with Bobby Long and has played shows with local legends like Tommy Dean, Whitney Monge, and Jon Pontrello of the Moondoggies, Common Market, and Gabriel Wolfchild. His band also stole the show opening for James McCartney (Paul McCartneys son) Soon he was headlining and packing out venues. Mads has played nearly every venue in Seattle.

Through many years of busking, performing and recording. Mads travelled much of the USA gathering experiences and inspiration. After having dreams of traveling Europe with nothing but a guitar on his back and hearing nothing but good stories from musicians in Europe Mads decided to go international and went on his first European tour in 2017. 


With just a guitar, a backpack and a tour booked, Mads bought a one way ticket to Dublin, Ireland and left. Not knowing if he'd ever return home. In Europe, he performed on the streets, in cafes, bars, restaurants, open jams/mics, hostels, squats, protests, and venues supporting himself. It wasn't long until he was recognized and got a record deal for his single "Make Up My Mind", in Vienna, Austria, which got over 20,000 streams on Spotify within its first two weeks, played the Strange Days Music Festival in Italy, Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, played many shows, and wrote and recorded new music inspired and influenced by the rich musical heritage and experiences of the European cultures and continent.

After nearly a year and a half of touring over 20 different countries and living across Europe Mads returned home to Seattle with a new international following, outlook and sound. This experience radically changed his life. Soon after he returned he got invited to perform at the Tacoma Dome for thousands of people opening for the Professional Bull Riding rodeo as well as playing multiple shows in the Seattle area. He also got an opportunity to record a new EP at Studio X, formerly known as Bad Animals, which he released on May 1st independently. After the release of his EP, he went on tour down the West Coast opening for William McCarthy of The Augustines and played multiple headlining shows as well in California. 


Mads Jacobsen returned to Europe and got another record contract for his song Corona Virus Blues which he wrote while locked down in Sicily, Italy. The song and interview of Mads was broadcasted on Seattles main TV news station Kiro 7. waiting out to Pandemic and recording and playing music. It now is his most played song with around 35000 streams on Spotify and almost 10000 views on YouTube and growing. Mads is currently touring Switzerland and broadcasting lifestreams amid the pandemic.